The Tables! (IIAR 6, Part 10)

Chapters 6-15 of ANSI/IIAR 6-2019 primarily consist of tables which summarize the minimum frequencies for the required ITM tasks. Each chapter addresses a different category of equipment:

  • 6 – Compressors
  • 7 – Refrigerant Pumps
  • 8 – Condensers
  • 9 – Evaporators
  • 10 – Pressure Vessels
  • 11 – Piping
  • 12 – Safety Systems
  • 13 – Overpressure Protection Devices
  • 14 – Purgers
  • 15 – Ammonia Refrigerant and Secondary Coolants

The tables are intuitive to understand, with “ITM Task Description” in the left-most column and the task frequency abbreviation in adjacent columns. Depending on the category of equipment, there may be more than one frequency column to correspond to a different type of equipment within the category of equipment. For example, in Table 6.1 (compressors), there are three (3) columns which summarize task frequencies for screw, reciprocating, and rotary vane compressors.

To give a sense for the arrangement of the tables, I’ve included the first eight (8) ITM tasks from Table 6.1 below:


The frequency abbreviations used in the tables are defined below:


While Chapters 1-5 laid the foundation for IIAR 6, it is Chapters 6-15 which house the content for which the standard was written. It is beyond the scope of this blog series to review each ITM task contained in the tables, but we’ll examine several noteworthy requirements in the coming weeks.

This is Part 10 of a series on IIAR 6. You can access previous blogs in this series below:

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