Ammonia Week in Review | April 22, 2022


Shelter in place lifted in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Shelter-in-Place Lifted following Ammonia Leak at Menands Dairy – Authorities in Menands have lifted a shelter-in-place order requiring residents within a one-mile radius of Midland Farms to shelter in place on Wednesday afternoon as they investigated an ammonia leak […keep reading]

IIAR 2-2021: Eyewash and Safety Showers – With the publication of ANSI/IIAR 2-2021 it is prudent to examine the latest design requirements for these important safety units at ammonia refrigeration facilities. […keep reading]

Pacific Pride Fire Dangerously Close to Cold Storage, Firefighters Prevented Ammonia Leak – Because the fire narrowly missed the Naumes facility, they didn’t need to worry about a leak of the toxic ammonia. […keep reading]

South Davis Rec Center Evacuated Due to Ammonia Leak – Firefighters responded to an ammonia leak at the South Davis Recreation Center ice rink Monday morning and evacuated the building. […keep reading]

Columbus Fire Responds to Ammonia Leak in West Columbus – Columbus Fire is on scene of an ammonia leak in a west Columbus building. […keep reading]

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