Ammonia Week in Review | October 1, 2021


150 people are evacuated after an ammonia pipeline burst in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

150 People Evacuated due to Ammonia Pipeline Rupture in Calhoun County – The rupture happened around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday near County Road 36 in Harold, according to the sheriff’s office. […keep reading]

Auditing Elements: MOC & PSSR (Part 8) – Auditing the management of change (MOC) process is rarely confined to one discussion during the audit. […keep reading]

Ammonia, Not Just a Question of Colours – The almost exponential increase in gas prices could, paradoxically, accelerate the adoption of “greener” energy, including ammonia, and thus be “good news”. […keep reading]

Hazmat Team Responds to Ammonia Leak in Strip District – A “small ammonia leak” brought hazmat workers to the Strip District Tuesday afternoon and has so far resulted in one hospitalization. […keep reading]

Marion Fire Department Responds to Tabor Ammonia Leak – The Marion Fire Department alongside Department of Fire Services Hazardous Materials Response Team responded to an ammonia leak at Tabor Academy on Sept. 27. […keep reading]

Haber, Ammonia, and a Complex Legacy – German chemist Fritz Haber received a U.S. patent on September 27, 1910 for the production of ammonia. […keep reading]

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