Ammonia Week in Review | September 18, 2020


Raley’s installs their first supermarket ammonia system in preparation for the California’s Air Resources Board regulations in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Raley’s Unorthodox Ammonia/CO2 System – Installed at its first Raley’s supermarket, the system is the California chain’s answer to impending state regulations capping the GWP of refrigerant at 150. […keep reading]

Differences Between IIAR Standards 2 and 9 – The list below provides a summary of notable differences between the standards which ammonia refrigeration industry stakeholders should be aware of. […keep reading]

Ham to Reopen with New Chiller – “When all is said and done, the system should be in very good shape. Within the past four years, we replaced the condenser tower, got a new dehumidifying system and replaced one of our two electric motors that run the compressors,” said Woodbury. […keep reading]

AzteQ Offers Jacir Hybrid Ammonia Condensers – A combination of a dry condenser and an adiabatic pre-cooling section, the Onyx unit uses 80-95% less water than an evaporative condenser, with no risk of legionella. […keep reading]

Gatineau Shuts Arena after Discovery of High Ammonia Levels – The Gatineau Olympiques training camp hit another speed bump Thursday as their temporary home at the Baribeau Arena was shut until further notice by the city after workers detected high levels of ammonia in the arena’s ductwork. […keep reading]

Prairie North Coop Agro Team Gain Training in Emergency Response – Five members of the Prairie North Coop Agro team attended emergency response training for anhydrous ammonia last week in Strasbourg. […keep reading]

Ammonia Gas Leakage from Abandoned Drums Create Panic in Kakinada – The sudden gushing of poisonous gas from plastic drums abandoned along roadside in Autonagar area on the city outskirts in the wee hours of Saturday has created panic among the residents who ran out from houses helter skelter fearing danger to their lives. […keep reading]

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