Ammonia Week in Review | May 17, 2013

May 17th, 2013 |

Some interesting stories and events made the cut in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Ammonia leak closes streets in Long Beach – Streets in a Long Beach neighborhood were closed early Monday after a cold storage facility in the area began leaking ammonia, authorities said. Firefighters received an alarm from the building in the 600 block of Anaheim Street about 3 a.m., officials said. At the scene, the first responders could smell the ammonia even before they got inside […keep reading]

Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day – In need of some FREE ammonia training? Plan to attend the 20th annual Salinas Valley Ammonia Safety Day on May 23, 2013 […keep reading]

Astronauts Fix Space Station Ammonia Leak – During an unscheduled spacewalk on the space station’s exterior on Saturday morning, NASA astronauts Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy carried out the mother of all plumbing jobs: They detached a suspect ammonia pump, replaced it with a spare and watched for any further ammonia leakage […keep reading] – aims to foster the worldwide use of ammonia (NH3) in industrial and commercial refrigeration, chilling, and other applications. It is more than a platform to advertise NH3-based technology. Rather it is an interactive tool that will help you stay in contact with the global ammonia community, and be informed about latest progress regarding the natural refrigerant […keep reading]

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