Ammonia Week in Review | December 11, 2020


A meat production facility has an ammonia leak in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Meat Production Facility Evacuated following Ammonia Leak; No One Injured – Firefighters responded to an ammonia leak that forced employees inside a meat production facility to evacuate the plant Monday night. […keep reading]

PHA Logistics (Part 4) – It is ideal to perform the PHA at the site where the process being studied is located. […keep reading]

Ammonia Leak Reported North of Washington Wednesday – Several agencies responded to an ammonia leak north of Washington Wednesday evening. […keep reading]

Cooling in 2021: Evapco to Unveil its First Air-Cooled Low-Charge Ammonia Chillers – The air-cooled models are expected to cost less than water-cooled units. […keep reading]

‘Ultra-Low-Charge’ Ammonia Chiller Boosts Efficiency 40% for Sake Producer – Mayekawa R717 chiller’s performance was compared to that of R507A chiller in same Takara Sake U.S. plant. […keep reading]

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