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Ammonia Week in Review | June 21, 2024

June 21st, 2024

Exciting News in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review… Online Refrigeration Fundamentals Course – Resource Compliance is excited to announce that we have published our Refrigeration Fundamentals course [click here] that we’ve been working on for months. There are 22 lessons, 22 quizzes, and a final exam. The course costs $100, but we’ve also made the video content […]

Q&A | ANSI/IIAR 2-2021 Natural Ventilation Requirements

May 29th, 2024

Question: Does my machinery room need an emergency ventilation system if it only has three walls? Answer: It may not require mechanical ventilation and could meet the requirements for “Natural Ventilation”. ANSI/IIAR 2-2021 §7.3.2 states that for outdoor systems, natural ventilation can be utilized instead of mechanical ventilation. For a machinery room to qualify for […]

Ammonia Week in Review | May 10, 2024

May 10th, 2024

Law And Order in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review… Lawmakers Advance Measure in Response to a Deadly 2023 Anhydrous Ammonia Tanker Accident – Illinois senators have passed legislation in response to a deadly accident involving a tanker carrying anhydrous ammonia last fall. […keep reading] Check for Defective Anhydrous Ammonia Nurse Tanks – Recent safety advisory […]

Ammonia Detection Requirements

April 16th, 2024

Detection systems are a key player in the realm of process safety. Early detection and notification of an ammonia leak has the potential to save lives. In addition to ensuring that ammonia detectors are operating and maintained correctly, it is equally important from a regulatory perspective to ensure required parameters are met. A partial list […]

Ammonia Detection in Non-Machinery Rooms

March 5th, 2024

  Question: Is ammonia detection required in rooms that contain ammonia, but are not classified as machinery rooms? Answer: This depends on which codes and standards the refrigeration system is subject to. New ammonia refrigeration systems are required to have ammonia detection in both machinery rooms and non-machinery rooms that contain ammonia equipment. Since IIAR […]