Ammonia Week in Review | April 17, 2020


An ammonia tank stays sealed after a collision in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Injuries Reported in Two Accidents – Bronson Fire stood by because the anhydrous ammonia is a hazardous material. All the safety valves were closed on the tank, which had a damaged wheel. […keep reading]

IIAR Publishes an Update to the Standard for Startup (ANSI/IIAR 5-2019) – While the scope of the standard has not changed since the first edition, there are several noteworthy changes worth highlighting. […keep reading]

CTI Unveils Latest Entrance Monitor – CTI has released its latest digital entrance monitor which can detect NH3 and other gasses. […keep reading]

Ammonia Tank Tips Over in Field – The 1,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia tank tipped west of Walmart and south of Flagg Road. According to reports, no ammonia leaked into the field. […keep reading]

IcePoint Saves Energy via On-demand Agile Cooling and Moisture Control – Though not a “battery-like” thermal storage system, IcePoint can indeed create a -40°F refrigerant at night by mixing ice with a freeze point suppressant (i.e., a salt) during off-peak hours, and then during the day, deploying the brine refrigerant to provide required cooling and moisture control. […keep reading]

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