Ammonia Week in Review | June 2, 2023

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An Abundance Of Resources Available in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

HazMat Technicians Respond to Ammonia Leak that Prompted Evacuation at Manufacturing Plant in Woodstock – The call was upgraded and over a dozen employees were safely evacuated from the facility. […keep reading]

Canada Issues Evacuation Order After New Wildfire, Potential Ammonia Leak – This comes after the declaration late Sunday of a state of local emergency for the eastern city of Halifax, also in Nova Scotia, after a wildfire caused evacuations and power outages, impacting about 18,000 people. […keep reading]

The Cost of Non-Compliance | Part 5: How the EPA Calculates Civil Penalties – CERCLA §103(a) requires facilities to immediately (i.e., within 15 minutes)(27) report releases of hazardous substances above Reportable Quantity (RQ) to the National Response Center. For ammonia, the RQ is 100 lbs. in a 24-hour period. […keep reading]

Heat Exchanger Inspection Checklist – IIAR 6 Appendix B – In this video presented by Resource Compliance, Peter Thomas, P.E. walks you through the steps necessary for completing the heat exchanger checklist found in IIAR 6 Appendix B. […watch video]


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