Ammonia Week in Review | April 2, 2021


An ammonia tank is pulled from a river in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Ammonia Tank Pulled from Missouri River – Several federal, state and local agencies pulled a 1,500-gallon tank full of a potentially deadly chemical from the Missouri River in central Missouri. […keep reading]

Introduction to P&IDs (Part 1) – It has been a few years since we last wrote about P&IDs. While most operators recognize that P&IDs are important, we often find there is confusion when it comes to using the diagrams in day-to-day operation. […keep reading]

Teck Trail Reports Ammonia Leak – Teck says there are no environmental impacts and no impact to the community. […keep reading]

Cocaine – A Natural Scourge – Cocaine is produced naturally in a plant but there is a lot of chemistry involved before it is snorted or smoked at a high cost to society. […keep reading]

Building Evacuated in Etobicoke due to Ammonia Leak – Toronto police are reporting a hazardous chemical spill at a building in Etobicoke Monday morning. […keep reading]

Anhydrous Safety should be Top Concern this Spring – For many farmers, the planters have been serviced and the tractors have been prepped and ready to go. However, before they plant they need to make sure the field is ready and will soon be applying anhydrous ammonia (NH3) ahead of the planting season. […keep reading]

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