Initial Session of the PHA (Part 5)

Most PHAs are conducted in multiple sessions. The number and duration of the sessions will be determined by team member availability and system complexity.

Often, the initial session of the PHA is used to:

  • Introduce each member of the PHA team;
  • Review the requirements and purpose of the PHA;
  • Introduce the team to the chosen PHA methodology;
  • Review the risk ranking matrix that will be used to assess risk;
  • Review any previous PHA recommendations that have not been resolved;
  • Review all incident investigations that have occurred since the last PHA was performed;
  • Review noteworthy accidental releases from similar facilities; and
  • Review important process safety information such as P&IDs.

Members of the PHA team may need to spend time walking the site to collect relevant system information. It can be helpful to gather pictures of each piece of equipment and/or nameplate for reference during future PHA sessions. A site walkthrough can also be used to spot check the accuracy of the key process safety information documents such as P&IDs, relief system information, ventilation design, and safety systems.

Once all relevant data has been collected the table is set to conduct the PHA using an approved methodology.

This is Part 5 of a series on PHAs. You can access previous blogs in this series below:

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