Ammonia Week in Review | October 9, 2020

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Ammonia is now being used as a clean energy fuel in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

World’s First Blue Ammonia Shipment Opens New Route to a Sustainable Future – Aramco and the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), in partnership with SABIC, have successfully demonstrated the production and shipment of blue ammonia from Saudi Arabia to Japan, with support from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. […keep reading]

EPA Reaches Settlement with Oregon Fertilizer Company – An Oregon fertilizer company has agreed to pay a $146,000 fine levied by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for violations of the federal Clean Air Act related to improper storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia. […keep reading]

That Space Station Air Leak has Finally been Isolated Further, says Roscosmos – On Tuesday 29 September, the Russian State Space Corporation (Roscosmos) announced that astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) had found the source of a suspected leak. […keep reading]

Northwest Technical Institute set to Expand its Facilities, Programs – The technical school offers training in nine diploma programs, including ammonia refrigeration maintenance, automotive service, practical nursing and welding. […keep reading]

How Icelandic Fermented Shark is Made – Due to its rich ammonia concentration, eating its fresh meat could even lead to death. […keep reading]

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