Ammonia Week in Review | June 26, 2020


A train carrying empty ammonia tanks derails in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Train Derails in Livingston Parish due to Tree on Tracks, Knocks out Power Lines – Walker Mayor Jimmy Watson elaborated on the situation, telling WBRZ that one of the four derailed train cars was carrying carbon dioxide, and the other three were, at one point, carrying ammonia, but the ammonia was removed prior to the derailment. […keep reading]

IIAR 9 Chapter 8 (IIAR 9, Part 3) – Watch this overview of chapter 8 from the new standard for existing ammonia refrigeration systems by Peter Thomas. […keep reading]

Ammonia Leak Prompts Evacuation of Rochester Ice Cream Plant – The Kemps ice cream plant along North Broadway in Rochester was evacuated late last night due to an ammonia leak. […keep reading]

Salmon Farming Giant Cermaq Suffers Ammonia Leak at Norway Processing Plant – “We had a minor ammonia leak at the processing plant in Rypefjord in connection with the refrigerated  sea water (RSW) plant.” […keep reading]

Fertilizer Spill Leads to Dead Fish in Dubuque – During inspection on June 22, DNR noticed high ammonia levels in rainwater running off the Gavilon Grain parking lot. […keep reading]

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