Ammonia Week in Review | May 1, 2020


A study finds faulty line-opening is the leading cause of ammonia-related fatalities in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Study Cites Faulty Line Opening as Cause of Lethal Ammonia Accidents – A study of accidents related to ammonia refrigeration has found that line-opening operations, along with liquid transfer and oil-draining activities, were responsible for the second largest number of incidents and the majority of 11 incidents that had catastrophic consequences. […keep reading]

Replacing Missing or Illegible Nameplates – Occasionally, nameplates on ammonia refrigeration vessels become illegible or detached altogether. The paragraphs that follow summarize steps that can be taken when a vessel nameplate becomes illegible or missing. […keep reading]

Truck Leaks Hazardous Gas on Blue Water Bridge – The truck, which was carrying liquid anhydrous ammonia, was immediately isolated, while all travelers and CBP personnel where quickly moved to a secure location upwind from the truck, according to the statement. […keep reading]

NH3 Heat Pump Taps Warm Air from London Underground for District Heating – The pioneering system helps heat more than 1,350 homes, one school and two leisurecenters, with lower heating bills. […keep reading]

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