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Last week, I summarized the requirements from ANSI/IIAR 4-2015 Installation of Closed-Circuit Refrigeration Systems. Today, I’ll do the same with ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 Decommissioning of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems


Unlike IIAR 4, which had IIAR 2 as its foundation, IIAR 8 is a standard that was essentially written from scratch. The general outline of the document is as follows:

  • Section 1 – Purpose
  • Section 2 – Scope
  • Section 3 – Definitions
  • Section 4 – References
  • Section 5 – Preparation
  • Section 6 – Equipment
  • Section 7 – Operations
  • Section 8 – Ammonia Disposal
  • Section 9 – Close-out

Per Section 1, the purpose of IIAR 8 is to specify “minimum criteria and procedures for decommissioning of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems”. Section 2 helps to explain the scope of the document:

  • Applies to…decommissioning systems and individual components
  • Does not apply to…shutdown of systems that operate periodically or seasonally.

Starting in Section 5, the document can be read as a procedure for safely decommissioning a system or individual components. The best way to communicate the requirements from IIAR 8 is to share a Decommissioning Checklist that I developed based on the requirements of the standard.

ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 Checklist

Section 1: Preparation

1.1. Has the reason or reasons that the system or parts there-of are to be decommissioned been clearly stated and found adequate? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §]

1.2. Has a competent person been designated for coordination of all decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §]

1.3. Has an initial plan been developed for the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.1.1]

1.4. Have documents relevant to the decommissioning activities been obtained and made available to all necessary personnel involved in decommissioning? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.2.1]

1.5. Have coordination meeting(s) been held with personnel who will be directly involved in the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.3.1]

1.6. Have local representatives including the Fire Department, LEPC, and/or local CUPA been contacted in advance of the decommissioning activities and provided a summary of the activities that will take place for those activities where there may be significant risk of an ammonia release? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.3.2]

1.7. Have the precautions and general steps that will be followed during decommissioning activities been specified in writing? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.4.1]

1.8. Has additional training been provided to those facility personnel and/or contractors performing the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.5.1, §9.2.3]

1.9. Has awareness training been provided to all personnel who could be affected by the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.5.2, §9.2.3]

1.10. Have regular (daily or weekly) safety meetings that include facility personnel and/or contractors performing the decommissioning activities been conducted. [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.5.3]

1.11. Have records been kept to document the training provided and the safety meetings held? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.5.4]

1.12. Has the Management of Change procedure been initiated for the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §5.6]

Section 2: Equipment

2.1. Has it been confirmed that all equipment and materials used during decommissioning activities are designed for ammonia refrigerant at the coincident temperature and pressure to which the component will be subjected? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §6.2.1]

2.2. Has it been confirmed that all equipment and tools used during decommissioning activities are properly maintained and in good working order? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §6.3.1]

Section 3: Operations

3.1. Have the decommissioning activities been carried out as specified in the preparation phase? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §7]

Section 4: Ammonia Disposal

4.1 Has ammonia, lubricating oils, and other chemicals been disposed of as specified in the preparation phase? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §8]

Section 5: Close-Out

5.1 Has all necessary facility documentation been updated? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §9.2.1]

5.2 Has the Management of Change procedure been completed for the decommissioning activities? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §9.2.4]

5.3 Have government agencies been notified once the decommissioning activities are completed? [ANSI/IIAR 8-2015 §9.3]

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