Ammonia Week in Review | July 29, 2022



HAZMAT Responds to Dangerous Ammonia Leak in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Hazmat Crews Clear Forest Grove Ammonia Leak After 35 Hours – After 35 hours on scene, crews have cleared the scene of a dangerous ammonia leak in Forest Grove. […keep reading]

IIAR 2-2021: Can Hoses Be Permanently Installed in an Ammonia Refrigeration System? – Hoses are used for a variety of purposes in ammonia refrigeration. […keep reading]

Grimmway Agrees to Pay $214,103 in Penalties for Accidental Ammonia Release – Locally based carrot giant Grimmway Enterprises Inc. has agreed to pay $214,103 in civil penalties as part of a federal settlement stemming from its accidental release of 2,335 pounds of anhydrous ammonia in August 2019 at a plant the company operates in the Arvin area. […keep reading]

Ammonia Leak at O.B. Curtis – A report on the National Response Center’s website states the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant released 200 gallons of ammonia due to a faulty valve. […keep reading]

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