Ammonia Week in Review | May 13, 2022



Ammonia leak causes the death of 260 eels in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Cause of Death of 260 Eels Being Investigated in Southland – The cause of death of hundreds of eels in a Southland waterway is being investigated, and an ammonia leak at a meat processing plant or the Southland drought could be possible causes. […keep reading]

Ammonia Gas Leak Forces Evacuation of People in Narol Area – Nearly 500 people were evacuated on Thursday after ammonia gas leaked at an ice manufacturing factory in the Narol area of the city. […keep reading]

Arrest After Teenagers Attacked with Noxious Substance in New Ash Green – A man has been arrested following reports two teenagers were attacked with a noxious substance, believed to be ammonia or bleach. […keep reading]

Panic Triggered After Ammonia Gas Leak from Factory in Jhajjar – The incident triggered panic among locals. Some locals living in the area complained of breathing difficulties and vomiting. […keep reading]

Low-Carbon Hydrogen and Ammonia Production and Export Facility Planned for Texas – Plans low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility have been unveiled for the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Centre, near Corpus Christi, Texas, to meet growing demands in the clean energies market. […keep reading]

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