Ammonia Week in Review | May 6, 2022



Ammonia is now harvestable from wastewater in this special Mother’s Day edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

New Process Harvests Ammonia from Wastewater – A dash of ruthenium atoms on a mesh of copper nanowires could be one step toward a revolution in harvesting ammonia from nitrates in wastewater and groundwater. […keep reading]

IIAR 2-2021: Emergency Pressure Control Systems – ANSI/IIAR 2-2021 §15.6 is the first instance of EPCS in a mandatory paragraph of an IIAR standard. […keep reading]

Three Laborer’s Die in Blast at Zuari Agro Chemicals Factory in Goa – Three labourers died in a blast in an under-maintenance ammonia tank at a plant of Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd (ZACL) in Vasco town in south Goa on Tuesday afternoon, company sources said. […keep reading]

Haryana: Ammonia Gas Leak In Jhajjar Factory Triggers Panic, Causes Breathing Issues – The leakage of ammonia resulted in some locals living in the area complaining of breathing difficulties and vomiting. […keep reading]

Cut Emissions while Raising both Revenue and Capacity at your Facility – Catalytic reformers, steam methane reformers, fired heaters with process pre-heat, and ethylene furnaces among others face unique challenges to keep operational efficiency optimal. […keep reading]


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