Ammonia Week in Review | September 3, 2021


A fire levels a cold storage in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Puyallup cold storage fire ‘under control’ after two days, investigation begins – What was a 3-alarm fire prompted evacuations over the weekend due to potential toxins being released into the air. […keep reading]

Auditing Elements: Operating Procedures & Training (Part 6) – The two main areas to look for when auditing operating procedures (SOPs) is that they are accurate and adhere to strict regulatory requirements. […keep reading]

Nearly 5,000 Gallons of Ammonia Removed from NE Iowa Train Derailment Site – Crews continued to work throughout the night to remove 4,900 gallons of aqueous ammonia from a damaged tank car. […keep reading]

Will CO2 or Ammonia Win the Battle for Industrial Refrigeration? – Daniel Clark, Managing Director of Isentra, believes that transcritical CO2 will make deeper inroads into traditional ammonia territory than HFC’s ever did. […keep reading]

Mitsubishi Power to Develop Ammonia Combustion Systems for Thermal Power Plant Boilers – Mitsubishi Power, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, plans to develop combustion equipment (burners) that can utilize ammonia (NH3) as a fuel, that does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) when used in power generation. […keep reading]

Unreported Event at Hanford Nuclear Site that Sickened Workers ‘Smells like a Cover-Up,’ Advocates say – Workers reported smelling odors, resulting in symptoms such as dizziness and shortness of breath. […keep reading]

Reports of Environmental Problems Caused by Hurricane Ida Begin to Trickle in – Department of Environmental Quality to inspect industrial sites over next few weeks. […keep reading]

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