Ammonia Week in Review | March 19, 2021


Astronauts deal with an ammonia leak in space in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

Spacewalkers Take Extra Safety Precautions for Toxic Ammonia – Spacewalking astronauts had to take extra safety precautions Saturday after possibly getting toxic ammonia on their suits from the International Space Station’s external cooling system. […keep reading]

Fire Department Called Out to Potential Leak at Foundation Food Group – The department evaluated the scene and “found no hazards, including ammonia, to be present,” Brackett wrote in an email. […keep reading]

Moore Sports Complex Direct Ammonia System on its Way Out, Arnold Says – The wheels are finally turning to replace Mooretown Sports Complex’s outdated direct ammonia system – the last of its kind in Ontario – with a new cooling system, says St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold. […keep reading]

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