Ammonia Week in Review | June 14, 2019


An ammonia tank explodes killing 1 and injuring 14 others in Spain. Read more from this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review

One Dead, 14 Injured in Spanish Ammonia Tank Explosion – One worker was killed on May 31 when a 20,000 litre ammonia tank exploded at a factory near the city of Tarragona in north eastern Spain. Another 14 were injured, including one who is in critical condition and was taken by helicopter to a Barcelona hospital. Three of the injured were firefighters. […keep reading or watch videos]

Ammonia Diffusion Tank Water Sampling – Since the common application of diffusion tanks has been limited to the west coast, our industry lacks best practices for sampling diffusion tank water for the presence of ammonia. […keep reading]

Homes Evacuated after Ammonia Gas Leaks at Attleboro Jewelry Plant – The leak was caused when a valve failed on a 500-gallon tank that was outside the building and contained the anhydrous ammonia gas, Perkins said. The fire official said it was not known how much gas was inside the high-pressure tank before the leak occurred, but about 150 gallons remained when the leak was stopped. […keep reading]

Florida Farm Company Faces Proposed $95,000 OSHA Fine for Ammonia Release Incident – OSHA cited Belle Glade company Duda Farm Fresh Foods for, among other things, not having an ammonia release employee alarm that would let employees escape; inadequate safety and health training for employees working with the ammonia refrigeration system; and not properly medically evaluating employees who have to use full face respirators. […keep reading]

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