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Ammonia Week in Review | January 12, 2018

January 12th, 2018

Ammonia remains under cover in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review…. Three Treated after Whanganui Affco Imlay Ammonia Leak – Dudley said firefighters identified it was safe to send emergency workers in and then used water to keep the fumes down so people in the immediate area were safe. […keep reading] RAGAGEP: Codes, Standards, and Good […]

RAGAGEP: Codes, Standards, and Good Engineering Practices (Part 1)

January 9th, 2018

Peter Thomas, P.E. recently wrote a technical paper and presented at the 2017 RETA National Conference on the topic of RAGAGEP: Codes, Standards, and Good Engineering Practices. The next few blogs will include excerpts from his technical paper. Introduction The arena of codes, standards, and regulations can be confusing, frustrating, and often intimidating. The barrage of […]

Pipe Wall Thickness

November 14th, 2017

Pipes are one of the areas of an ammonia refrigeration system most vulnerable to leak. Systems often have hundreds, or even thousands of feet of ammonia pipes serving a variety of purposes. Historically, IIAR Bulletin No. 110 has been the RAGAGEP which governs ammonia pipe inspections and maintenance. §6.7.1 requires that: All uninsulated piping and […]

Thank You North Valley Ammonia Refrigeration Training Day Attendees

October 6th, 2017

Thank you to all who attended the Ammonia Refrigeration Training Day on October 5, 2017 instructed by Resource Compliance. Click here for a downloadable copy of the PowerPoint presentation.  

Ammonia Week in Review | September 29, 2017

September 29th, 2017

Ammonia stays calm in this week’s edition of the Ammonia Week in Review…. Fire Crews Reopen Area in Etobicoke After Ammonia Leak Stopped, 2 People Sent to Hospital – By 11:20 a.m., fire crews had shut off a main valve in a compressor room where the leak began, thereby stopping the leak at its source, and by noon, Toronto […]