OSHA Hazard Alert – Ammonia Safety in Wineries

December 31st, 2012 | , , ,

CalOSHA has recently released a new publication, Hazard Alert – Ammonia Safety In Wineries, highlighting the hazards associated with using anhydrous ammonia in wineries. OSHA developed the hazard alert in response to a winery worker that was killed in September after being overwhelmed during an ammonia leak at work. The “Hazard Alert” is a helpful resource and we recommend using it as a tool in your next PHA or in a safety meeting to start the new year. It is worth noting that OSHA has made the document available in Spanish to accommodate more of the California workforce. Included in the “Hazard Alert” is a brief explanation of why ammonia is hazardous, a summary of measures that can be taken to prevent exposure and injury, and response steps to take if a leak does occur.

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